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April 7, 2022


Large-size avocados are becoming limited; Mexico’s current crop is dominated by small-size fruit. Recent rain has lowered volume in California.


  • Large sizes are extremely tight
  • More shortages are forecast due to reduced harvesting during Holy Week (April 13 through April 17)  
  • Expect elevated markets and tight supplies through summer


  • Harvests were interrupted during last week’s rain
  • Quality is good
    • Large sizes are limited
    • Shortages are forecast due to decreased production during Holy Week
  • Expect elevated markets and tight supplies through summer


Markets are elevated; production is winding down in Arizona/California desert and Central Mexico regions. Markon First Crop (MFC) Broccoli is extremely limited; packer label is being substituted as needed.

  • Demand for domestic broccoli is strong as Mexican volume has dropped
  • Cool evening weather has prevented Salinas Valley new crop stocks from reaching head size potential
  • Quality has taken a downturn in the desert growing regions; head size inconsistency, long stems, and extra leaf material after trimming are issues
  • Overall industry supplies are adequate to meet demand, but will become tighter
  • Expect elevated prices through the end of seasonal transition to the Salinas and Santa Maria Valleys (late April)

California Oranges

The California Navel season is winding down; growers expect to ship through late May. Supplies of smaller sizes (113- and 138- count) are tightening. Expect elevated prices for the remainder of the Navel season.


  • California Navels are expected to ship through the end of May
  • Although small sizes (113- and 138-count fruit) are diminishing as the crop matures, Markon orders will be filled
  • Quality is excellent: flavor is exceptional
  • Sugar levels range from 10 to 12 Brix


  • California’s Valencia harvest will begin in early May and run through September
  • Expect stocks to be dominated by larger 72- and 88-count sizes
  • Sugar levels are forecast to range from 10.5 to 12 Brix

Desert Growing Region Weather Update

High temperatures are forecast for the Arizona/California desert growing region this week. Yuma, Arizona daytime highs are expected to be in the low 90°s and reach triple digits by Friday, April 8. Salinas, California will also experience a warming trend by mid-week with temperatures expected in the low 80°s, reaching into the low 90°s by Thursday, April 7. Huron, California will have daytime highs in the upper 70°s reaching into the high 90°s Thursday, April 7 through Friday, April 8.

No serious heat-related defects have been observed as of now, but Markon inspectors will continue to monitor lettuce row crops and value-added items closely as heat-related defects are anticipated.

Maintaining the cold chain throughout distribution is critical for maximizing quality and shelf-life.

Idaho Potatoes

MFC Idaho Burbank Potatoes are available. Storage crop MFC Norkotah Potatoes are expected to be depleted by early May.  

Storage Crop

  • Overall supplies have tightened as remaining Norkotah stocks begin to wind down
  • Prices will strengthen through the end of the Norkotah season
  • Quality is good: pressure and shoulder bruising, along with hollow heart, will be seen sporadically in remaining storage supplies (both Norkotahs and Burbanks)
  • Pressure and shoulder bruising (soft, external indents) results from constant contact with adjacent potatoes, or the floor, while raw product sits in storage piles
  • Hollow heart (small, irregularly shaped internal craters) develops internally during the season when potatoes grow faster than normal due to adverse weather

2022-2023 Season

  • 2022/2023 new crop potato planting will begin in April
  • New crop Norkotah harvesting is expected to start in early August


MFC and Markon Essentials Limes remain limited; packer label is being substituted as needed.

  • The market for large sizes continues to tighten; prices are higher
    • Medium to large sizes (110- through 200-count limes) are extremely limited
    • 230-count limes may be substituted as needed
  • Very small sizes (250- and 275-count fruit) are ample; prices are slightly lower for this fruit
  • Overall quality is good: stylar is occasionally present in some lots
  • Lime juice remains sufficient; juice processors are sourcing from all regions as needed to ensure steady supply
  • Reduced harvesting during Mexico’s Holy Week (week of April 11) is expected to keep supplies extremely tight through the week following Easter (week of April 18)
  • Expect elevated prices and limited Mexican stocks through April 22


The Northwest storage onion season continues to wind down. Sufficient supplies of Texas-grown onions are available.


  • Idaho/Oregon-grown MFC Onions will be depleted by April 15
  • MFC Washington Onions will ship through the end of April
  • Markets have eased as demand has shifted to new crop onions
  • Please note that quality has deteriorated in remaining supplies; internal defects such as translucency, as well as dry and watery scale, are common


  • Texas-grown MFC Red and Yellow Onions are readily available
  • The Mexican onion season will wrap up by early next week
  • Pricing will increase with the Mexican season wrapping up; the end of the Idaho/Oregon season will also boost Texas onion demand
  • Fresh-run onions will have feathery skins and light color/exterior compared to Northwest storage onions


  • Imperial Valley onions will hit the market the week of April 25

New Mexico

  • The New Mexico season is scheduled to open in early June

Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Processor Move 

Please click here to view a video about how Markon’s RSS salad processors make their seasonal production move from Yuma, Arizona, to Salinas, California.

  • Markon’s source-based suppliers of value-added salad items follow the seasonal lettuce transition in the fall and spring
  • Relocating their processing capabilities allows them to pack the freshest product possible and achieve optimum quality and shelf-life
  • The process of disassembling, transporting, and reassembling equipment for full-scale production in less than three days is a huge undertaking
  • By the week of April 18, all of Markon’s Salinas-based value-added suppliers will be shipping from Salinas, California


Prices will remain elevated through next week; California supplies are limited due to last week’s rainfall but anticipated to increase quickly.

Santa Maria, California

  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • Quality is good: some water-damaged fruit is being reported
  • Production is down this week due to water-damaged fruit caused by last week’s rain
  • Volume is anticipated to increase quickly in the coming weeks
  • Expect elevated markets and tight supplies for the next 5-7 days

Oxnard, California

  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • Quality is good
    • Berries are firm with 90-95% color
    • Plant health is strong after last week’s heavy rainfall
  • Production is down this week due to water-damaged fruit from last week’s rain
  • Volume is low but anticipated to increase quickly
  • Expect elevated markets and tight supplies for the next 5-7 days

Salinas/Watsonville, California

  • Volume is low as the season is just starting to come into play
  • Supplies are expected to ramp up in late April, barring any unusual weather events

Central Mexico (Loading in South Texas)

  • Supplies are extremely limited; most growers have ended their season
  • Quality is fair: heat-related issues are being reported
  • Most growers have shifted to their California growing programs


  • The season has come to an end as heavy rainfall hit the region last week
  • All fruit being harvested is being sold to local markets


  • Light harvesting is underway
  • Expect supplies to increase in early May


Volume will shift from Mexico to Florida during the month of April. MFC Tomatoes are available.

  • Mexican production is holding steady with a good mix of older winter and new spring crops
    • Round tomato quality is solid: all sizes are available
    • Roma quality is improving with new fields in Obregon and Sonora; jumbo sizes dominate lots
    • Grape and cherry tomatoes will remain snug for the next two weeks
  • Florida growers have started their transition to the Ruskin/Palmetto region; overall volume is low
    • Quality is good, especially for mature green and Roma crown picks
    • Medium-size Romas are most abundant
    • Grape and cherry tomato quality has improved as growers moved away from older plants
  • The California summer season, which typically begins in mid-June, will continue to be challenged by drought concerns this year; lower overall growing acreage, sizing concerns, and fruit quality are potential issues that may arise during the season
  • Expect markets to remain relatively steady this week

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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