September 8, 2022

Current weather challenges in all major growing regions are affecting overall tomato supply levels as well as quality. Markon First Crop Tomatoes are available; packer label may be substituted as needed.

  • The current heatwave in California (with temperatures as high as 115 degrees) will affect fruit yields as plants conserve energy for survival
    • Growers are anticipating a shorter season this year due to heat and water restrictions, ending in early October ending (two weeks before scheduled)
    • All sizes are available; volume is dominated by medium to large sizes
    • Round and Roma tomato quality is good; expect average quality later in September
  • Mexican late summer supplies will be tight this weekend as Hurricane Kay heads towards tomato fields on the Baja Peninsula
    • Roma, cherry, and grape tomatoes are expected to face heavy winds, rain, and potential flooding
    • Logistic routes through Baja and up to the border crossing of Otay Mesa, California will see delays
    • Round and Roma supplies are tight in the Eastern Mexico regions of Jalisco/San Luis Potosi
  • East Coast growers will ship limited round and Roma stocks until the Florida season starts in late September/early October
    • Tennessee and the Northeast region experienced extreme heat and rain this past summer, affecting overall quality and reducing yields
    • Grape and cherry tomato quality remains very good in Virginia
    • Many local summer deals will wrap up over the next few weeks
  • Expect prices to rise through the month of September

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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