June 23, 2022

New tomato regions across the country are experiencing early summer heat. Moderate demand is keeping markets are steady. Markon First Crop Tomatoes are available.

  • East Coast production of round, Roma (limited), and grape tomatoes is slowing down due to high temperatures
    • Quality is good with all sizes available
    • The summer growing regions of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia are expected to start harvests in early July
  • California’s San Joaquin Valley growers are experiencing high temperatures (103F+) as new crop round and Roma tomato production starts up
    • Less overall acreage was planted due to water restrictions; however, supply should meet overall summer demand
    • Large sizes are abundant
    • Expect to see higher FOBs than normal later this season due to the reduction in acreage
  • Mexico’s Baja Peninsula has steady of round, Roma, cherry, and grape tomato volume
    • Overall sizing is skewed to the larger end of the spectrum
    • Quality is excellent
    • Fruit from Eastern Mexico (crossing in McAllen, Texas) is filling any order gaps
  • Prices are expected to remain steady over the next two weeks

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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