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September 30, 2021

Broccoli and Cauliflower


  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Broccoli is available
  • Expect prices to climb over the next 10 to 14 days as yields decrease
  • Overall quality is good: pin rot is occasionally affecting some lots
  • Demand is strong; markets are expected to maintain elevated levels over the next 10 to 14 days

Mexican Broccoli (Crossing into South Texas)

  • Supplies will be limited over the next 10 to 14 days due to high temperatures and sporadic showers
  • Demand for Mexican product is stronger due to low volume in other growing regions
  • South Texas broccoli is expected to be $2.00 to $3.00 cheaper than product from the West Coast


  • Markon Essentials Cauliflower is available
  • Recent cool weather has slowed growth, resulting in fewer available supplies
  • Expect good quality with great color and ideal size
  • Elevated markets are forecast for the next 10 to 14 days

Cantaloupe & Honeydew

  • MFC Cantaloupes and Honeydew Melons are tight; packer label will be substituted as needed
  • Expect higher prices and limited supplies until the transition south during the week of October 11; new crop stocks are expected to ramp up by mid- to late October
  • Size substitutions may be required to fill orders
  • 6- and 8-count honeydew are extremely scarce
  • 9-count cantaloupes are limited
  • Overall quality is good

Green Beans

  • RSS Trimmed Green Beans are limited; packer label may be substituted as needed
  • Ohio volume is low due to insect pressure and record rain this season
  • Production is winding down quickly in New York and Tennessee; quality is average
  • Rain delayed harvesting in Virginia and Georgia, but it’s getting started this week
  • California’s volume has fallen due to summer heat; new crop Imperial Desert harvests are expected to start in late October
  • Recent hurricanes have lowered Baja volume; new crop harvesting will begin in mainland Mexico by mid-November
  • Expect prices to remain elevated over the next two to three weeks or until stocks increase
  • RSS price triggers remain in effect

Holiday Trees

  • Holiday trees can be pre-ordered for the 2021 holiday season
  • Pre-orders must be submitted to Markon no later than Friday, October 8, 2021
  • Orders placed after this date will be subject to availability
  • The first trees will be available for loading the week of November 29.


Idaho Potatoes

New Crop Norkotahs

  • Quality is good: occasional skinning, excess moisture, and cooler mold may be observed in fresh-run potatoes
  • U.S. No. 2 production remains limited
    • Potatoes that would normally meet No. 1 grade are being packed to meet demand for No. 2 grade orders
    • No. 2 supplies will increase once potatoes are shipped out of storage
  • Norkotahs will begin shipping out of storage in mid-October

New Crop Burbanks

  • New crop Burbank production will start next week
  • Limited supplies of fresh-run packer label potatoes are expected to become available for shipment the week of October 11
  • Once the harvest is complete, Burbank potatoes will be cellared in order to go through the sweat process, then will become available in early November


  • Continual rain in the primary growing region of Veracruz, Mexico is prompting additional grading
    • Quality issues such as skin breakdown, oil spotting, and styler are concerns
    • Growers continue to limit harvesting time due to wet weather
  • Small sizes (250- and 230- count sizes) dominate new crop volume
  • New crop supplies will increase over the next two weeks
  • Steady markets are forecast; demand is moderate


  • Super colossal prices continue to climb
  • Demand has shifted to colossal and jumbo sizes; these markets are also inching up
  • Super colossal and colossal stocks will increase once suppliers begin to ship out of storage in mid-October
  • Expect prices to remain elevated through October, when growers increase production for retail Thanksgiving holiday demand


  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • There is currently a two-tiered market in California as two separate growing areas are in production
    • Salinas/Watsonville
    • Santa Maria
  • Salinas/Watsonville volume and quality are diminishing quickly, pushing demand for higher-quality fruit to Santa Maria
  • New crop Santa Maria berries are commanding higher prices than the current crop of Salinas/Watsonville berries
  • Expect markets to remain steady to slightly higher for the next two to three weeks

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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