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June 16, 2022

Brussels Sprouts

The market has eased.

  • Temperatures have been favorable in Mexicali, Mexico, promoting stalk and sprout growth
  • Production is ramping up in the Oxnard, California growing region
    • Size is dominated by small and medium sprouts
    • Jumbo-size stocks are increasing
  • The Salinas season will start in mid-July, further increasing supplies
  • Overall quality is good, although bolting (fluffy texture) and bitter sprouts will be a concern with persistent heat
  • Discoloration and early breakdown are minimal
  • Expect markets to continue declining over the next 10 to 14 days


Prices are easing as many summer regions are harvesting. Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Cucumbers are available.

  • Supplies in Central Mexico and the Baja Peninsula are increasing while the season in Western Mexico quickly winds down; Baja quality is excellent; however, wind scarring is a concern in other Mexican regions
  • On the East Coast, Georgia production is at its peak
  • Quality is average due to past inclement weather; shriveling and sunken areas are being observed during pack out
  • Production began in the North Carolina and New Jersey growing regions this week, supplementing overall volume
  • Expect slightly lower prices over the next two weeks

Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

Supplies have been impacted by high temperatures in the Salinas Valley this past weekend. Although stocks will remain adequate through June, many growers are beginning to see reduced yields that are causing markets to inch up. By mid-July plantings will be down 10-20% in California as regional harvesting starts across the Midwest and Canada.

  • MFC Premium Green Leaf is available
    • Case weights are high, with above average quality being reported despite the warm weather
    • Some lots are showing dense heads, fringe burn, and occasional weak tip but these issues are easily avoided by harvesting crews at this time
    • Markets are steady at average levels with no major movement forecast for the next 7-10 days
  • MFC Premium Iceberg and Romaine are mostly available; a limited amount of Markon Best Available (MBA) is being substituted due to low case weights
    • Recent high temperatures, are causing varying levels of internal burn, growth crack, seeder, salt and pepper, mildew and thrip damage
    • Iceberg prices will inch up over the next 10-14 days due to reduced yields caused by the heat, increased disease pressure, and strong demand
    • Romaine markets are steady, with second plantings coming online in Salinas over the next few weeks

Idaho Potatoes

Idaho storage potato supplies continue tighten. The Norkotah crop has been depleted.

Storage Crop

  • Burbanks will be the sole variety on the market until new crop Norkotahs become available in August
  • Prices are up as suppliers continue to work to extend remaining stocks
  • All counts will remain limited until new crop production begins
  • Some suppliers do foresee a potential 7-14 day gap in early August


  • Pressure and shoulder bruising, along with hollow heart, will be seen sporadically in remaining storage supplies
  • Pressure and shoulder bruising (soft, external indents) result from constant contact with adjacent potatoes, or the floor, while raw product sits in storage piles
  • Hollow heart (small, irregularly shaped internal craters) develops internally during the season when potatoes grow faster than normal due to adverse weather

2022-2023 Season

  • New crop Norkotah harvesting is expected to begin in early August

Independence Day Schedule

Markon’s buying office will be closed on Monday, July 4; many processors will adjust loading and production schedules due to the holiday.

  • Markon’s Salinas consolidation dock, CCC1, will have slightly reduced hours Monday July 4, 8am-10pm
  • Taylor Farms’ loading docks will be open normal hours; trucks are urged to call by 8:00 a.m. PDT to schedule appointments
  • 4Earth’s consolidation dock will load trucks on Independence Day (Monday, July 4)
    • The Los Angeles Produce Market will be closed
    • 4Earth will not be able to purchase off the market
  • Northwest potato shippers’ sales offices and loading docks will be closed Independence Day (Monday, July 4)


The MFC Onion season is in full swing.

  • Expect markets to ease as supply increases in California and New Mexico
  • Daytime temperatures vary from 80 to over 100 degrees (°F) in both regions
  • Transit and storage temperatures should currently be in the 60 to 70 degree range (°F), with sufficient airflow to insure best quality
  • Both the California and New Mexico seasons will run through mid-August

2022-2023 Storage Season Outlook

  • Planting for the Northwest season started in April and is now complete
  • The Northwest saw unseasonably cold weather in April which caused some early concern
  • Growers have welcomed some much-needed moisture and warmer weather the past few weeks
  • Suppliers will now wait to see what heat units look like over the summer months
  • Last summer’s record heat wave caused a very small size profile and crop shortage
  • Northwest onion harvesting will begin in early August; onions will start to ship out of storage in October

Red and Yellow Potatoes

Storage crop MFC Red and Yellow Potato supplies continue to diminish. Markets have increased.


  • Many suppliers have depleted Idaho storage stocks and are hauling potatoes from other regions to continue shipping out of Idaho
  • MFC Red and Yellow Idaho Colored Potatoes will ship through July; volume is winding down
  • New crop Idaho potatoes will become available the first week of August

Minnesota/North Dakota

  • North Dakota MFC Potato supplies will be depleted this week; poor quality in remaining stocks has forced growers to end the season early
  • Minnesota potatoes will begin to ship the first week of August
  • North Dakota potatoes will hit the market in late September


  • Florida colored potato stocks are winding down (with approximately two weeks remaining in the season)


  • California red and yellow potato harvesting has begun; supplies will ship through early August
  • Early yields are thin-skinned, resulting in mechanical damage in pack-outs


  • Red and yellow potatoes will begin to ship in early July


  • Similar to Arizona, the Texas season will get underway during the first part of July


  • The Washington new crop season is expected to get start in September


  • New crop harvesting of Wisconsin Potatoes will begin in early August

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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