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July 28, 2022


Sufficient storage supplies of Washington Markon First Crop (MFC) Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, and Red Delicious Apples remain available. The MFC Gala Apple season is winding down; volume is tight.       

  • Washington MFC Gala Apple orders require size and grade substitutions until new crop harvesting begins
  • California Gala apple shipments begin next week
  • Michigan apples will hit the market in September; size profile is pending as trees enter the latter stages of the growing process
  • Please see the grid below for a quick reference to Washington apple transitions, current size profiles, and expected start dates for the Michigan crop:

Broccoli and Cauliflower


  • MFC Broccoli is available
  • Supplies are increasing out of Central Mexico, as the season transitions north, to more elevated growing regions
  • Demand is shifting away from West Coast supplies, pushing markets down in the Salinas Valley
    • Supplies are steady
    • Quality is improving
  • Markets have fallen more than 35% off their end of June highs
  • Expect prices to remain lower in both areas over the next 15 to 30 days as local/regional production helps spread out demand


  • Markon Essentials Cauliflower is available
  • Salinas Valley volume is steady; demand ranges from fair to good
  • Expect markets to follow broccoli downwards, as quality issues like ricing, black spot, and inconsistent sized heads have become less prevalent
  • West Coast prices will remain low through July as local/regional harvesting helps decrease demand


Markets are lower as numerous regions are in summer production. MFC and Markon Essentials Cucumbers are available.

  • The East Coast has adequate supply; many summer regions are harvesting
  • Tennessee, New Jersey, New York (as well as others) are contributing, and Michigan is ramping up production
  • Overall quality is good despite a few heat-related concerns observed during the grading process
  • The Baja Peninsula in Mexico is transitioning to new fields, tightening stocks slightly
  • Quality is average as older fields are phased out; the new crop outlook is positive
  • Expect lower prices to continue over the next two weeks


Prices continue to rise amid tight supplies.

  • MFC Iceberg Lettuce is available; Markon Best Available (MBA) will become more prevalent in the next few weeks as shippers cut ahead to avoid quality issues, and consequentially don’t meet weight specifications
  • Overall volume is low due to heads exhibiting sun scald, wind burn, and disease/pest pressure
  • Nationwide heat has reduced supplies in local and regional growing areas, increasing West Coast demand
  • Mildew pressure, INSV, internal burn, and thrip damage are all potential challenges being observed in most lots
  • Markets are poised to keep inching up over the next 7 to 10 days


The California and New Mexico summer seasons are beginning to wind down. New crop Northwest supplies will start shipping in a limited manner next week.

New Mexico

  • Scattered showers and thunderstorms continue to slow production; loading times may be affected
  • Although rain continues to fall, plenty of stocks are available
  • Yellow onion pricing remains elevated,  but it’s starting to ease
  • Red onion markets are inching down due to weakening demand
  • The New Mexico season will run through mid-August


  • Several growers will begin to deplete supply levels over the next few weeks; others will have onions through mid-August
  • Stocks are sufficient for the rest of the season
  • Yellow onion pricing is firm due to strong demand
  • Red onion demand is weak; markets have eased


  • Washington onions will hit the market in limited numbers next week
  • In the Idaho/Oregon region, low volume will start shipping the week of August 8; the majority of suppliers will begin the week of August 15
  • Utah onions will hit the market in late August
  • Colorado production is forecast to get underway by mid-August
  • Expect elevated prices through August


Idaho’s remaining storage volume continues to fall. Suppliers will ration remaining stocks. Prices continue to climb to all-time highs.

Remaining Storage Supply

  • Several Idaho growers have already depleted stocks; demand will shift to those with remaining supply
  • In order to extend shipments into August, and until new crop harvesting begins, suppliers will shorten daily production schedules and shed hours
  • Shortening production schedules will further limit availability
  • Suppliers will be using Markon’s six-week averages
  • Size substitutions are required for order fulfillment; ship dates may need adjustments
  • Growers are requesting order lead time of at least seven business days
  • 40- to 80-count stocks remain extremely limited; 90- through 120-count supplies continue to tighten
  • Remaining supply far exceeds demand in Colorado; the seasons in Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin have ended

New Crop Potatoes

  • Washington’s new crop production will begin toward the end of next week; early season supplies will be extremely limited
  • Idaho’s harvest will start in a limited manner the week of August 8; the bulk of production will get underway the week of August 22
  • Idaho and Washington growers anticipate early season yields to be dominated by 70- to 90-count potatoes; size profile will increase in late August
  • Colorado’s harvest will begin in late August
  • Texas potatoes are anticipated to ship the week of August 15
  • Wisconsin supplies are forecast to enter the market in mid-August
  • Expect elevated markets to persist until early September

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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