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January 12, 2023


Markon First Crop (MFC) Asparagus is available.


  • Large sizes remain tight; Carborca and Central Mexican growing regions are three-to-four weeks delayed
  • The Mexicali season is winding down
  • Expect markets to remain elevated through mid-February


  • Peruvian asparagus has been able to help supplement large sizes
  • Volume is increasingly sporadic as political unrest has disrupted exports

Bell peppers

Demand has shifted to Mexico as this region’s primary winter season is well underway. MFC and Markon Essentials (ESS) Green and Red Bell Peppers are readily available.

Green Bells

  • Mexican supplies are adequate
  • Quality is very good; walls are strong and color is bright
  • Florida volume is low as less acreage is harvested during the winter
  • Markets are slightly higher this week

Red Bells

  • Mexican production has increased in the state of Sinaloa due to favorable weather
  • All sizes are available
  • Quality is excellent
  • Although current markets are steady, prices are expected to ease over the next few weeks


  • Supplies continue to significantly increase in the AZ/CA desert region
  • Light-to-moderate demand through the holiday season allowed crops to remain in the ground longer, increasing crown size
  • A warming trend through the end of this week will further promote crown production and improve quality
  • Expect markets to continue dropping quickly and stay relatively depressed through January


West Coast carrot supplies are tightening. Availability will be limited for the next two weeks due to weather-related issues that are reducing yields. Commodity pack prices are rising.

  • The San Joaquin Valley season is experiencing lower-than-average yields caused by heavy rainfall
    • Harvesting delays due to poor field conditions are lowering yields
    • Both commodity and processed packs are impacted
  • Supplies are expected to be back to normal once field conditions improve in the next two weeks
  • Additional order lead-time is suggested (72 hours) due to the limited supplies


Markets are declining as supplies increase in multiple growing regions.

  • MFC Celery is available in Oxnard and the Arizona/California desert growing regions
  • Oxnard, California is the primary growing region; disease (fusarium) pressure is not as prevalent compared to prior weeks
  • Santa Maria, California harvesting will continue year-round
  • Supplies are increasing in Oxnard and Santa Maria, California despite recent rain events over the past week totaling 1.75”; additional rain is forecast next week, totaling 1-2”
  • Arizona and California desert production is underway; additional Yuma fields will begin production next week
  • Florida production is ongoing; size profile has normalized and production is strong
  • Expect continued market declines as volume increases, pending significant rain in the Oxnard and Santa Maria growing regions


California suppliers continue to harvest between storms to keep sheds full and cover current demand. Production continues to be a challenge due to wet, muddy conditions. Forecasts show a nice break mid-week; growers are preparing to harvest as much as possible to keep inventories stocked on all citrus items. It is highly recommended to place orders early to help ensure full coverage.


  • MFC Navel Oranges are available
  • Rain continues to limit crews’ ability to harvest, slowing overall production; orchards need at least two days without rain to harvest
  • Heavy amounts of rain and delays in harvesting will increase overall size profile; expect heavier volume of large sizes in upcoming weeks
  • Overall markets are increasing, especially for smaller size 113- and 138-count fruit
  • Advanced ordering is recommended
  • Current quality is excellent; sugar levels are high and gas times are minimal
  • Texas has limited availability of domestic, choice-grade Valencia’s; markets nearly double the price of a choice-grade California Navels
  • Florida will have its first run of Valencia oranges later this week; volume will rise next week


  • MFC Lemons are available  
  • Production continues in all three areas of California (San Joaquin Valley, Southern California, and the Arizona desert region)
  • Rain will slow production in the Central Valley; expect adequate supplies from Southern California and the desert regions
  • Markets are slowly rising due to strong demand
  • Quality remains excellent


Markets have increased due to higher demand and limited supplies. MFC and ESS Cucumbers are available.

  • Cool weather in Sonora has limited Mexico’s supply; quality is good
  • Nogales, Arizona experienced short-term shipment delays this past weekend due to the cartel incident on January 5 in Sinaloa, Mexico; expect supply to normalize over the next few days
  • The Florida domestic season has ended; imports from Honduras (landing in South Florida) are limited
  • Higher costs in transportation and less fruit planted this season have increased offshore cucumber prices
  • Expect increased prices this week

Harvesting disruptions in Sinaloa, Mexico

As of Friday morning, the unrest in Culiacan has eased. The Mexican government has deployed an additional 1000 personnel to Sinaloa to stabilize the region. Despite a reduced workforce, most growers have resumed light harvests today.

Many roads in the region have reopened; however, checkpoints are causing major delays for carriers moving product north through the state of Sinaloa. Most suppliers have enough supplies arriving today, or currently in Arizona and California, to cover orders through the weekend. Markon predicts snug inventories, with improvements shortly after.

Growers in Sinaloa, Mexico have returned to full production this week. Supply routes north towards Nogales and San Diego have improved. Despite snug supplies in Nogales earlier in the week, Markon worked with suppliers to ensure all orders were filled in full. Expect normal seasonal volume moving forward.

Markon is working to fill all orders and will continue to update as more information becomes available.


Supplies are tightening due to the adverse weather in the growing regions.

  • Excessive amounts of rain and cooler temperatures are affecting harvesting nationwide, as well as abroad
  • The West Coast is experiencing flash floods; a State of Emergency has been declared for California, affecting supply regions in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Cruz counties
  • Central Columbia is experiencing heavy showers and thunderstorms
  • Deliveries via air, roads, and ocean are being delayed
  • Supplies are expected to remain tight for the next two to three weeks, especially chives, oregano, rosemary, basil, and mint

Iceberg Lettuce

  • Quality is very good; epidermal blistering and peeling is being observed in some lots but at lower frequencies compared to prior weeks
  • Weights have significantly increased following minor rain events and warm weather
  • Expect continued lower prices in the coming weeks as Arizona and California production increases

Idaho Potatoes

MFC Idaho Burbank and Norkotah Potatoes are readily available.

  • The size profile for Burbank and Norkotah potatoes is currently dominated by 40- through 70-count stocks; smaller sizes (80- through 100-count supplies) are sufficient
  • Quality is strong in both varieties
  • Expect elevated markets through the season as suppliers begin to hold back stocks in an effort to extend storage volume
  • Norkotahs will remain available into early April; once Norkotahs are depleted, Burbanks will become the sole variety for the rest of the season

Desert Region Quality

Please click here to view a Markon Live from the Fields video regarding much higher yields and quality of lettuce and tender leaf items from the desert growing region.

  • Weather has been very favorable in the Arizona/California desert region over the past 10-12 days
  • Crops have responded well and Markon inspectors are seeing strong quality and increased lettuce and tender leaf volume
  • Markon First Crop specifications are being met more consistently than any time over the past three months
  • Case weights are high, stocks are abundant, and shelf-life performance is rising

Mexican Strawberries Delayed into California

Strawberry shipment delays have now gone beyond weather issues, and are now being caused by drug cartel violence in Sinaloa, Mexico.

  • Transfers from primary growing regions in Central Mexico to California are delayed due to checkpoints and road closures
    • Carriers are experiencing major delays moving product north through the state of Sinaloa
    • Shipments crossing into South Texas are not affected at this time
  • Suppliers are working on contingency plans to get fruit to California through other routes in Mexico
  • Some shippers will be transferring fruit from South Texas this weekend
  • Expect these delays to add to ongoing strawberry coverage issues on the West Coast


MFC Onions are being shipped out of storage from Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Packer label onions are being shipped out of Colorado.


  • Onion quality is excellent; supplies possess solid, globe-like shape, and firm texture
  • Expect supplies to remain available in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington through mid-April
  • In Utah, stocks will ship through mid-March
  • Colorado onions will be available through early March
  • A price increase typically develops at this point in the season, as suppliers assess remaining storage stocks; however, demand has been weak due to adverse weather across the country that has kept prices level

Other Regions

  • Mexican yellow and white onions are expected to start crossing into south Texas at the end of January
  • The Texas season is on track to begin in early March
  • California/Imperial Valley onions are estimated to start shipping in late April
  • The New Mexico season is forecast to begin in early June


Demand exceeds supply in all California growing regions due to rain. Expect supplies to tighten in Florida and South Texas as these regions help fill the shortages out of California.

Oxnard, California

  • This region received almost two inches of rain yesterday; most growers have canceled harvests for today and tomorrow
  • Quality continues to be a challenge; concerns include excessive bruising and pin rot
  • Forecasts call for heavy rain again Monday, January 9 and Tuesday, January 10
  • Growers will be relying on transfers of Mexican-grown fruit to supplement California shipments through mid-January at a minimum

Santa Maria, California

  • New crop fruit will enter the market in late January/early February

Central Mexico (Loading in South Texas)

  • Volume will be down through this week due to low temperatures
  • Quality is good; issues include white shoulders and occasional over ripening
  • Expect to see stocks tighten as Mexico fills shortages from California


  • MFC Strawberries will be available for the last half of the week
  • Plants are still recovering from previous rains and freezing temperatures
  • Quality is good; issues include white shoulders and occasional over ripening
  • Packer label will be substituted as needed
  • Expect to see stocks tighten as this region fills shortages from California

Valentine’s Day Strawberries

Markon will be offering Valentine’s Day lid pricing for loading Sunday, January 29 through Saturday, February 11. California volume will be extremely limited in all regions; those that can load out of Florida and South Texas should plan to do so.

Lid Pricing

  • Valentine’s Day lid pricing will begin Sunday, January 29 and continue through Saturday, February 11
  • Expect to see small stem sizing out of the California growing region due to recent weather events
  • All prices are FOB to Markon; please add Markon’s service fee, member monies, freight, and applicable fees
  • FOB California
    • MFC Cardboard        $23.10 **Availability dependent on mother Nature
    • MFC                       $22.10
    • Packer                     $21.10
    • Long Stems              $31.10
  • FOB South Texas (Mexican Strawberries)
    • Packer                     $21.10
    • Long Stems              $31.10
  • FOB Florida
    • MFC                         $22.15
    • Packer                     $21.50
    • Long Stems              $31.15

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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