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February 9, 2023

Bell Peppers

Prices are low; supplies are abundant. Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Green and Red Bell Peppers are readily available.

Green Bells

  • Mexican production is steady in Culiacan
    • New crop production is getting underway
    • Overall quality is good
    • Wind scarring is a minor issue
  • South Florida volume is steady; growers are harvesting both old and new fields, yielding a wide variety of sizes
  • Prices are slightly lower this week

Red Bells

  • Stocks are ample in Culiacan and Central Mexico
    • Quality varies depending on the grower
    • Promotable volume is available in all sizes
  • Colored bell peppers are extremely limited in Florida
  • Expect slightly lower pricing over the next two weeks


Imperial Valley, California/Yuma, Arizona/Northern Baja, Mexico

  • MFC Broccoli is available
  • Supplies are increasing with warmer weather following a cold spell
  • Quality is very good; yellowing, mold, and decay are minimal
  • Slightly lower markets are expected into next week

Mexico (into South Texas)

  • MFC Broccoli is available
  • The price spread between Mexico and the AZ/CA desert region is shrinking as desert supplies increase
  • Quality is very good; some mechanical damage has been noted along with occasional mildew
  • Prices are expected to remain fairly steady into next week


Imperial Valley and Santa Maria, California/Yuma, Arizona/Northern Baja, Mexico

    • ESS Cauliflower is available; packer label may be substituted as needed
    • Warmer weather is promoting growth and will slowly increase availability
    • Quality is good; mold, off-color, and small size are being observed in some lots
    • Markets have peaked and should ease into next week

Green Leaf and Romaine Lettuces

MFC Green Leaf and Romaine Lettuces are available; Markon Best Available (MBA) is being substituted as needed due to low weights following persistently cold temperatures. Supplies are ample in the Arizona/California desert growing regions.

  • Despite weather challenges including light morning ice formation and moderate winds, quality remains strong
    • Fringe burn and epidermal blistering/peeling are present in some finished packs but most is being trimmed off at harvest points
    • Elevated insect pressure has been noted in some lots from California’s Imperial Valley region
  • Abundant supplies are allowing suppliers to carefully choose lots, keeping prices steady and weights/quality high
  • Expect markets to remain steady at low levels over the next 10-14 days

Iceberg Lettuce

Supplies are sufficient in the Arizona/California desert growing region. MFC Iceberg Lettuce is available.

  • Yields have fallen recently amid rain, moderate-to-strong winds, and freezing overnight temperatures
    • Quality is fair; epidermal blistering, fringe burn, and weak tip are present in some lots but most is being trimmed off at harvest points
    • Expect case weights to increase as warmer weather spurs growth through mid-February, despite light ice formation
  • Prices are steady due to an abundance of product and will ease over the next 5-7 day


The market is continuing to climb as available supplies tighten. MFC and ESS Limes are limited; packer label is being substituted as needed.

  • Rain and cooler weather during the winter months hampered the blossoming of current crops, reducing the amount of available fruit
  • Quality and color are improving as suppliers move into newer regions
  • Expect the market to continue climbing throughout the month of February
  • Markon recommends increased lead times to ensure order fulfillment


Central American cantaloupe and honeydew markets remain elevated. Supplies are tight due to limited space available on cargo ships and increased freight costs.

  • Imported supplies are shipping out of Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica
  • Mexican honeydews are being used as necessary to fill orders
  • West Coast supplies remain in a demand-exceeds-supply situation
  • East Coast prices are slightly lower as availability is slightly higher
  • Overall quality is fair; bruising and over ripened fruit are occasional issues caused by increased travel times
  • Expect elevated markets and tight supplies into March


MFC Onions remain available in the Northwest. Mexican onion imports are shipping out of South Texas.

Mexico (into South Texas)

  • Size is running small
    • Medium and jumbo sizes are most plentiful
    • Colossal stocks are limited
    • Super colossal onions are extremely scarce
  • Expect steady prices for the next few weeks
  • Mexican onions are only available in bags, not cartons
  • The domestic, Texas-grown onion crop is on track to begin shipping in early March


  • Expect supplies to ship out of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington through mid-April
  • Stocks will ship from Utah through mid-March
  • Colorado packer label onions will be available through early March
  • With Mexican onions available, Northwest markets will ease over the next few weeks


MFC Idaho Burbank and Norkotah Potatoes are readily available.

Storage Crop

  • Size is currently dominated by 80- through 100-count supplies; larger sizes (40- through 70-count stocks) are sufficient
  • Quality is great for both varieties
  • Norkotahs will remain available through late April; after that, Burbanks will be the sole variety on the market for the rest of the season
  • Prices will remain relatively steady over the next several weeks, but will begin to inch up once Norkotah supplies begin to wind down

2023-24 New Crop Season

  • New crop planting will begin in mid-April
  • Fresh-run Norkotah harvesting is expected to start at the end of July


Supplies are slowly increasing out of the California and Florida growing regions as weather is warming. South Texas supplies are tightening, as the region experiences quality issues and border crossing delays.

Oxnard, California

  • Yields are steadily increasing as fields recover from previous rain
  • Quality is good; green shoulders and soft fruit are occasional issues
  • Size currently ranges from small to medium (18 to 22 pieces per one-pound clamshell)
  • Expect tight supplies and elevated markets for next two weeks

Santa Maria, California

  • Previous rain is expected to delay new crop harvesting by two to three weeks
  • The Santa Maria growing region is not expected to meet Valentine’s Day demand
  • New crop fruit will enter the market in mid-February

Central Mexico (Loading in South Texas)

  • Expect to see stocks tighten due to quality issues and border crossing delays
  • Quality is good; green shoulders and soft fruit have been reported
  • Size currently ranges from small to medium (18 to 20 berries per one-pound clamshell)
  • Expect tight supplies and high prices for next two weeks


  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • This week’s warm weather will increase yields
  • Rain is forecast for Friday, February 10 but isn’t expected to delay harvesting
  • Quality is good
    • White shoulders are being reported
    • Expect small- to medium-size fruit
  • Expect tight supplies and elevated markets for next two weeks

Sweet Baby Broccoli

Supplies are limited. MFC and Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Sweet Baby Broccoli are available; packer label is being substituted as needed.

  • The majority of sweet baby broccoli is grown year-round in the Salinas Valley; a small amount is grown in the Arizona/California desert during the winter months
  • Salinas Valley production is reduced as a result of low temperatures and heavy rainfall in December and January
  • Quality is strong despite growing condition challenges
  • Stocks are expected to be tight for the next two to three weeks, at minimum


Supplies are tightening due to flood damage in California.

  • West Coast supplies are expected to increase within the next two weeks
  • Oregano, summer savory, and bay leaves are alternative options
  • Demand is extremely strong in Central Colombia, Mexico, Texas, and Hawaii


Mexican tomato volume is high; all varieties are abundant, making this an ideal time to promote this commodity. Florida markets are easing as well.

  • MFC Tomatoes are readily available
  • Mexico supplies are increasing as more round, Roma, grape, and cherry fields are harvested
    • Large round (4×4 and 4×5 packs) and Roma (extra-large and large) tomatoes are abundant; medium sizes are increasing
    • Overall quality is good with occasional reports of over ripening
  • Florida tomato yields are expected to decrease slightly due to an expected cold front this weekend
    • The size profile is well balanced; growers are harvesting from first and second pick fields
    • Quality is excellent
  • Expect continued low prices next week

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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