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August 14, 2023


Large size Mexican avocado supplies (32- to 48- count fruit) remain tight; smaller sizes are being substituted as needed.


  • Large sizes (32- to 48-count supplies) remain extremely limited
  • Smaller sizes (60- to 70-count fruit) are tightening, as they are filling the void of large size avocado shortages
  • Quality is good; checkerboarding (uneven ripening within a case) has been reported
  • New crop Mexican fruit will have a longer shelf-life than other avocado crops and bright green texture, regardless of the ripening stage
  • Expect elevated prices for large sizes and steady markets for smaller fruit


  • Yields continue to diminish week over week, as the season starts to wind down
  • The crop is currently dominated by 48- and 60-count No. 1 grade fruit
  • Quality is good; checkerboarding (uneven ripening) has been reported
  • Expect stable pricing

Bell Peppers

New crop bell pepper harvesting is ramping up on both coasts; supplies are adequate. Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Green and Red Bell Peppers are available.

Green Bells

  • California
    • Fresno growers have finished green bell production
    • Hollister and Santa Clara harvesting is continuing to ramp up with volume increasing weekly
    • The Oxnard season has begun in a limited manner
    • New crop quality is good; color is vibrant
    • Markets are slightly higher this week as new growing regions struggle to meet demand
    • New crop supplies are increasing and expected to reach peak production in the next two weeks
  • Central Mexico/East Coast
    • Growing regions have regionalized on the East Coast for the summer; North Carolina, New Jersey, Michigan, and Ohio are all up and running with Pennsylvania to start in the next week
    • Markets are low; overall quality is good
    • Canadian greenhouse stocks are tighter this week

Red Bells

  • California
    • The Bakersfield season is winding down
    • Fresno and Santa Clara production is increasing weekly
    • Oxnard will start new crop harvests in two weeks
    • New crop quality is very good
    • Supplies are dominated by No. 1 grade peppers; choice grade stocks are limited
    • Expect steady markets over the next two weeks
  • Central Mexico/East Coast
    • Canadian volume is lower but will increase over the next 7-10 days as new crop becomes available
    • Central Mexican stocks are steady; quality ranges from fair to good with occasional heat-related issues


Rising temperatures in carrot growing regions is slowing growth and causing tighter supplies of jumbo carrots overall.  Markets are increasing in all regions.

  • Multiple days of triple digit temperatures in growing regions of the California San Joaquin Valley and Mexico has stunted growth patterns on carrots
  • Active demand in all regions is pushing jumbo carrot markets higher
  • Quality remains good with minimal defects


Prices for small lemons remain elevated due to tight supplies and strong demand. Expect small-size oranges (113- through 138-count fruit) to become limited through the month of August as schools begin to ramp back up across the country.


  • Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Lemons are available  
  • Small-size lemons (165- through 235-count fruit) remain limited
  • Expect to make size and/or country of origin changes to help fill orders as needed
  • Offshore and Mexican supplies continue to help fill small-size shortages on the West Coast
  • Expect tight stocks and elevated markets through the month of September


  • MFC and ESS Valencia Oranges are available
  • California Valencia volume is rising; new crop fruit is dominated by 88- through 113-count oranges
  • Multiple days of triple-digit temperatures in the California San Joaquin Valley are slowing the coloring process; most suppliers will start the re-greening process (ethylene gassing to help deepen color)
  • Expect steady markets and tightening supplies through August

Green Leaf, Romaine, and Iceberg Lettuces

Iceberg yields are on the rise, lowering prices despite strong demand on the West Coast. Romaine volume remains steady despite sporadic quality challenges affecting yields at the field level. Green leaf markets have begun to climb; with tighter stocks forecast over the next two to three weeks.

Green Leaf and Romaine

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Premium Green Leaf and Romaine are available; Markon Best Available (MBA) is being substituted as needed due to aesthetic defects
  • Harvesting crews are trimming heads to avoid insect damage, wind damage, and mildew
  • Most lots continue to exhibit some level of internal burn
  • Romaine markets are expected to remain at low levels over the next 7-10 days, but green leaf prices are poised to climb through August


  • MFC Premium Iceberg is currently being packed; MBA is being substituted as needed due to lighter case weights
  • Harvesting crews are culling heads with sclerotinia, bottom rot, and mildew
  • Iceberg demand remains focused strongly on the West Coast
  • A general uptrend in acres ready to be harvested in August will keep markets steady to slightly lower

Green Onions

The green onion market is poised to rise this week. Yields are declining following elevated temperatures in the primary growing region of Mexicali, Mexico.

  • Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Green Onions are available
  • Availability is beginning to tighten, following abundant industry supplies during the spring and early summer months
  • Elevated day and nighttime temperatures are increasing ground temperatures in Mexicali
    • Onions are growing quickly in length, but possess thin/weak stems
    • Hot weather is hindering quality and reducing maturity
  • Expect elevated markets to persist for the next four to six weeks, at minimum

Mexicali, Mexico – July 2023


Favorable weather in Veracruz, Mexico will increase production this week. Markets are slightly lower. Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Limes are available.

  • The main Mexican growing region of Veracruz has optimal conditions with sunny 90F temperatures
  • Quality is good with scarring, blanching and oil spots as main concerns when grading
  • Small-size fruit (230- to 250-count limes) are less abundant
  • Expect markets to ease this week due to a favorable weather forecast


Northwest Markon First Crop (MFC) Onions are available. The California and New Mexico MFC Onion seasons are ending.

New Crop

  • MFC Onion growers in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington have begun harvesting
  • Colorado- and Utah-grown onions will hit the market after the Labor Day weekend
  • Healthy onion crops and strong yields are expected this upcoming storage season; weather has been excellent for growing up to this point

Summer Crop

  • In California, most growers have finished shipping for the season; a small number of sheds will continue to pack until the end of August
  • A few New Mexico shippers will have supply through the end of next week; most have concluded operations

Potatoes (Idaho)

The Markon First Crop (MFC) Idaho Burbank Potato season is in its last few weeks. New crop, fresh-run MFC Norkotah Potatoes will hit the market next week. Prices are expected to ease.  

Storage Crop

    • MFC Burbank Potatoes are beginning to wind down; supplies will run through the end of next week
    • Expect the market to soften with the start of the new crop season
  • 40- through 50-count supplies are limited; size substitutions may be necessary for full order coverage
  • 90– through 120-count potatoes are readily available

New Crop

    • Norkotah harvesting will start in the western and southern part of the state later this week
    • Eastern Idaho will begin harvesting next week
    • New crop Burbanks will enter the market early October

New Crop Potatoes

New crop, fresh-run MFC Norkotah Potatoes will hit the market next week. Once new crop supplies start shipping, it is important to be aware of certain characteristics.

  • As new crop potato harvests begin, growers will simultaneously fill storage sheds as well as send fresh-run product straight to packing facilities for orders
  • Fresh-run quality will be good; occasional skinning and excess moisture may be observed in fresh-run potatoes
    • Potatoes may release moisture as they cool, causing a very light, white surface residue that can be easily brushed off
    • The white residue will dissipate as potatoes dry and does not pose any quality problems
  • New crop potatoes have not gone through the ‘sweat’ process yet
    • The ‘sweat’ process allows field heat to leave the potatoes, putting them in dormancy, which prevents sprouting from occurring during the early months of storage
  • U.S. No. 2 production will be extremely limited, as potatoes that would normally meet No. 1 grade are being packed to meet demand for No. 2 grade orders
    • No. 2 supplies will increase once potatoes are shipped out of storage
    • Pricing will be firm until that time
  • Norkotah stocks will start shipping out of storage in mid-October
  • New crop Burbank harvesting is expected begin in early October; growers will ship out of storage in late October/early November

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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