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August 26, 2021

Apples – Limited Granny Smith Supplies

  • Growers estimate approximately 98 percent of the storage crop has been shipped
  • New crop Granny Smith apples are expected to hit the market the week of September 6
  • Size substitutions may be required to fill orders until new crop stocks are available
  • Expect elevated prices over the next few weeks, as growers work to extend remaining storage volume

Green Onions

  • Ready-Set-Serve Green (RSS) Onions are available
  • Elevated daytime temperatures experienced over the past two months, combined with higher-than-average nighttime temperatures, have lowered yields and accelerated growth
    • High temperatures without nighttime cooling relief have led to warmer-than-normal ground temperatures
    • Rapid growth, combined with lower yields, are resulting in fewer harvestable onions in current fields
    • September temperatures are forecast to be moderate and closer to seasonal averages
  • Expect elevated markets for the next four weeks at minimum

Hurricane Grace

  • The hurricane caused minimal damage to infrastructure and packinghouse operations in the Mexican growing region
    • Packinghouses resumed operations on Monday, August 23 with limited hours
  • Curtailed harvesting will continue through this week
  • High-quality lime supplies will remain limited
  • Scarring and oil spotting are issues being seen due to wet weather and wind
  • 23-35% of the crop is being culled
    • All sizes are available in Veracruz (crossing into South Texas)
  • Lime markets are expected to remain steady through August


  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Onions are being shipped out of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington  
    • Supplies are currently on the smaller side, favoring medium and jumbo sizes
    • Few super colossal onions are available
  • Utah-grown MFC Onions are now on the market
    • Size is dominated by medium and jumbo stocks
    • Super colossal supplies are limited
  • Packer label onions are available in Colorado
  • New crop onions will have a rounder, more globe-like shape than stocks shipped during the spring/summer months; early season stocks will still exhibit thin, light-colored skins until shipped out of storage

Onions – Small Size

  • From late June through mid-July, the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington experienced record high temperatures
  • Growers report that the heat hindered growth, resulting in smaller size; onions were in the latter stages of the growth process during the heatwave
  • Crop size is smaller than normal, with most in the medium and jumbo categories
    • Colossal onions are tight
    • Super colossal sizes are extremely limited
  • Expect small sizes to dominate availability over the next several weeks; size should start increasing in mid-September when onions have more time in the ground


  • MFC and Markon Essentials California Valencia Oranges are available
  • Small-size fruit (113- to 138-count oranges) will be extremely tight for the rest of the season
  • Valencia quality concerns include re-greening and softness due to above-normal temperatures
  • California Navels are expected to begin shipping in mid- to late October

Ready-Set-Serve Cilantro

  • RSS Cilantro is available
  • Yields have increased in Oxnard, Salinas, and Santa Maria, California; burn, disease pressure, seeder, and yellowing are less frequent
  • RSS Cilantro is currently achieving specified quality and shelf-life, but there is potential for early breakdown due to heat-related stress


  • East Coast supplies are limited this week due to recent Tropical Storms Fred and Henri
    • Heavy rain and wind has affected production and quality
    • Yellow squash supplies are tighter; prices are elevated
  • California production is consistent in Santa Maria and the Central Valley
    • Demand has increased prices
    • Overall quality is good
  • Recent heatwaves on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula affected quality; additional grading is required
  • Expect overall inventory to increase over the next three to four weeks as new growing regions start up in North Carolina and mainland Mexico


  • MFC Tomatoes are available
  • The East Coast growing regions received significant rain from Tropical Storms Fred and Henri over the last week, significantly affecting production
  • California round and Roma tomato production is steady
    • Round tomatoes from Northern California are seeing some quality issues from prior heatwaves
    • The Oceanside region is harvesting predominately large-size vine ripe and Roma stocks
  • Central Mexico received enough rain from Hurricane Grace to disrupt production but major damage was avoided
    • Vine ripe and Roma crops are increasing in Jalisco and San Luis Potosi; large sizes are most abundant
    • Baja Roma and grape tomato crops are tightening as some growers are finishing for the summer season; quality is good
  • Prices are expected to remain elevated over the next one to two weeks

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