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August 4, 2022


Sufficient storage supplies of Washington Markon First Crop (MFC) Granny Smith, Fuji, and Red Delicious Apples remain available. MFC Gala Apples are nearly depleted. MFC Golden Delicious supplies are beginning to wind down.         


  • Grade substitutions are necessary for Washington MFC Gala and Golden Delicious Apple orders until new crop harvesting begins; prices have increased
  • California Gala apples are being shipped; prices are elevated
  • Michigan apples will hit the market in September; size profile is still pending as trees are in the latter stages of the growing process
  • Please see the grid below for a quick reference to Washington apple transitions and current size profiles, along with expected start dates for the Michigan crop:
Availability Fuji Gala Golden Delicious Granny Smith Red Delicious
Storage crop ends: Early September Mid-August Early August Early September Early September
Current size profile: 72- to 88-count 72- to 88-count 80- to 113-count 80- to 125-count 64- to 100-count
Most limited supplies: 100-count and smaller 100-count and smaller 138-count and smaller 150-count and smaller 150-count and smaller
New crop starts: Mid-September Mid-August Early September Mid-September Early September
Availability Fuji Gala Golden Delicious Granny Smith Red Delicious
New crop starts: Mid-October Early September Early October N/A Late September

Bell Peppers
Green bell pepper supplies are increasing as mid-summer harvesting is fully underway. MFC and Markon Essentials (ESS) Green and Red Bell Peppers are available.

Green Bells

  • California’s Gilroy/Hollister region is in peak production
    • Quality is excellent
    • All sizes are available
  • East Coast supply has increased as the August growing regions of Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan (among others) are in full production
    • Quality in the new regions is good
    • Large sizes dominate the crop
    • Harvests are being affected by heat along the East Coast and rain in the Tennessee/Ohio regions
  • Expect lower markets over the next two weeks

Red Bells

  • California supply is meeting demand
    • Production is in the Fresno region
    • Overall quality is very good
  • Extra-large and large sizes are abundant
    • Expect Santa Maria and Gilroy/Hollister regions to begin harvesting in mid- to late August
  • Central Mexico production (crossing into South Texas) will continue steadily until September (when volume increases)
  • Canadian greenhouse stocks are tight, yet quality is excellent
  • Prices are expected to remain steady this week

California Strawberries 

Strawberry supplies continue to tighten; prices are elevated. Expect volume to decline over the next two to three weeks as the Salinas/Watsonville season is past peak production.


  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • Stocks continue to diminish week after week; the season has moved past its peak
  • High humidity is forecast for the next seven to ten days; fruit quality will be affected
  • Fruit size is small/medium (20-24 per 1-pound clamshell)
  • Expect markets to rise over the next 10 to 14 days as production falls and demand strengthens

Santa Maria

  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • Volume will decline as fields have moved past peak production
  • High humidity is forecast for the next 7-10 days; fruit quality will be affected
  • The summer season is expected to begin in the next two to three weeks
  • Expect markets to rise over the next 10 to 14 days as production falls and demand increases


Prices are elevated; supplies are extremely tight.

  • Quality concerns and low yields will limit Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Cilantro over the next 10-14 days
  • Harvestable yields have fallen due to monthly above-average temperatures and humidity across California, especially in inland growing regions
  • Volume is substantially lower, down by up to 60% in some lots, across in the primary growing regions of Oxnard, Lompoc, Santa Paula, and Santa Maria, California
  • Tip burn, disease pressure, seeder, increased stem length, and yellowing are prevalent
  • Expect shorter shelf-life caused by heat heat-related stress as well as decay, especially on processed items
  • For those that can make the switch, substituting into unprocessed bunched 30- and 60-count pack sizes will lead to better fill rates
  • Expect high markets through August, as newer plantings reach maturity

From the Fields: Salinas Valley Heat Wave

Above-normal temperatures and humidity levels will be experienced this week in the Salinas growing region, mainly in the inland areas. Temperatures will range from upper 80°s to as high as 104° through Saturday. As a result of these elevated temperatures, the following defects are expected:

  • Internal burn
  • Insect pressure
  • Elevated seeder/bolting
  • Sun scald/sun burn
  • Mildew pressure
  • Inconsistent growth/fluctuating density
  • Shortened shelf-life

Maintaining the cold chain throughout distribution is critical for maximizing quality and shelf-life.

Markon inspectors will be monitoring quality and working with suppliers to select the best product available.


Lime markets are rising due to reduced availability. Hot, humid weather has tightened supplies in the main growing region of Veracruz, Mexico. MFC and ESS Limes are available.

  • Mexican stocks are tight due to inclement weather from recent tropical storms
  • All sizes are available, but 110- and 150-count fruit is snug
  • Overall quality is good: light color and oil spotting has been reported during the grading process
  • Expect prices to increase steadily throughout August and potentially into the first half of September


The California and New Mexico summer seasons continue to wind down. Limited supplies of new crop onions have hit the market in the Northwest.

New Mexico

  • Scattered showers and thunderstorms continue to slow production which may affect loading times
  • Despite rainfall, sufficient stocks of red and yellow onions are available
  • Yellow onion markets are steady, while red onion prices have inched down due to weak demand
  • White onion volume is low; expect prices to increase
  • The New Mexico season will run through the week of August 15


  • Several growers have depleted supply; others will have onions through mid-August
  • Stocks are currently sufficient to meet demand for the rest of the season
  • Yellow onion pricing is firm due to strong demand
  • Red onion demand is weak; markets have eased


  • Limited numbers of Washington onions are on the market
  • In the Idaho/Oregon region, shipping will begin the week of August 8 with low volume; most suppliers will start the week of August 15
  • Colorado production is forecast to begin the week of August 22
  • Utah onions will hit the market in late August
  • Expect elevated prices through August


Costa Rican pineapple supplies are tightening. Expect low volume and high markets for the next three to four weeks.

  • Shipments into Texas and the West Coast are tight; stocks will be limited through late August
  • Stocks are extremely scarce on the East Coast and will remain so through late August
  • Size substitutions may be required for order fulfillment
  • Expect high prices until volume starts to climb in early September


Remaining Idaho storage supplies are nearly depleted. Very few Idaho sheds have potatoes left to ship. Prices continue to increase, setting new all-time highs each day.

Remaining Storage Stocks

  • The strength of current demand is overwhelming all sheds with remaining volume
  • Idaho suppliers will struggle to cover regular orders for the next few weeks
  • To extend storage stocks as long as possible, suppliers have shortened daily production schedules, further limiting the overall amount of potatoes available to ship
  • Size substitutions will be required for order fulfillment
  • Many requested ship dates will need to be adjusted
  • 40- to 80-count stocks remain extremely limited; 90- through 120-count supplies continue to tighten as well
  • Remaining supply exceeds demand in Colorado; storage stocks are nearly depleted
  • The Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin seasons have concluded

New Crop Potatoes

  • New crop production has begun in Washington; early volume is low
  • Idaho harvesting will start in a very limited manner the week of August 8; the bulk of production will not get underway until the week of August 22
  • Idaho and Washington growers anticipate early season yields to be dominated by 70- to 90-count potatoes
    • Size profile is not expected to increase until late August
    • U.S. No. 2 production will be limited until potatoes are shipped out of storage, as supplies look their best straight out of the field
  • Colorado and Wisconsin production will begin in late August
  • Texas potatoes are forecast to ship the week of August 15
  • Expect elevated markets to persist until early September


Round tomato prices are up slightly due to rain/heat disrupting harvests along the East Coast. Demand has shifted to the West Coast. MFC Tomatoes are available.

  • California’s Roma and mature green tomato supplies have increased as new fields start up further north in the Central Valley
    • Quality is good
    • Large sizes are most abundant
    • Overall growing acreage is down this year due to water restrictions
  • East Coast supplies of round, Roma and grape tomatoes are tighter this week due to weather
    • Rain causing harvesting delays in the Tennessee/North Carolina region
    • Virginia and many other local summer deals are underway
    • Heat waves along the eastern seaboard may affect fruit quality
  • Mexico’s Baja Peninsula has increased Roma, grape, and cherry tomato volume
    • Quality is excellent
    • All sizes are available
  • Round tomato markets are expected to increase while Roma and grape tomato prices will ease

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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