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October 10, 2023

Prices remain elevated. Supplies are increasingly limited due to industrywide quality challenges. ‘Semi-stringless’ varieties may be substituted for better shelf-life, quality, and fill rates.

California – Salinas and Santa Maria Valleys

  • End of season quality issues have arisen; cooler temperatures, shorter days, wind, and precipitation have reduced harvestable yields
  • Heavy culling is hindering yields at the field level, reducing overall stocks
  • External pitting, russeting, scarring, and water damage are prevalent, leading to shortened shelf-life
  • Expect limited supplies as the season winds down over the next three to four weeks

Mexico – Mexicali/Sonora

  • Product grown in Northern Mexico is set to enter the market in late October
  • Markets will remain elevated until production ramps up in mid- to late November

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