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August 16, 2022


New crop domestic season is underway. RSS Peeled Garlic, from California, will be very limited for the next two weeks. Due to quality concerns, packer label peeled garlic is being substituted as needed.

  • 2022 California fresh run harvest is fully underway and supplies have begun shipping
    • New crop supplies have strong odor, bruising, and more moisture than storage crop
    • Freshly harvested garlic will take several weeks to cure before odor and quality issues subside
    • Packer label peeled garlic will be substituted for the next two weeks due to product not being 100% cured
  • Tight supplies and high demand are limiting cure time, resulting in the differences above between new crop and storage crop supplies
  • Markon recommends ordering for quick turns over the next two weeks until raw product has fully cured

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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