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August 23, 2022

Potato supply challenges persist in the Northwest. The bulk of Idaho harvesting will not begin until next week. Expect highly elevated markets and tight supplies to persist into September.

  • As new crop potato harvesting begins in the Northwest, suppliers will start to fill potato cellars and pack “fresh-run” potatoes (potatoes that are harvested and packed right from the field, not a cellar)
  • Fresh-run quality will be good, with occasional skinning and excess moisture on skins
    • Early pack-outs will be on the small side, dominated by 80- to 100-count stocks
    • Potatoes will release moisture as they cool, resulting in a light white surface residue that can easily be brushed off
    • The white residue dissipates as potatoes dry, posing no quality concerns
  • New crop potatoes have not gone through the “sweat” process yet; this process allows field heat to leave potatoes, putting them in dormancy and preventing sprouting during early months of storage
  • U.S. No. 2 potato grade supplies will be tight
    • No. 2 supplies will increase as potatoes are shipped out of storage
    • Expect elevated prices
  • Expect new crop Idaho Burbank harvesting to begin in late September/early October; shipping out of storage will start in late October/early November
  • Limited quantities of Texas potatoes are now being gathered; early harvests remain inadequate in size
  • Colorado and Wisconsin production will begin in September

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