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January 16, 2024

Onion prices remain elevated; demand for Mexican exports is strong. Markets are expected to remain active over the next three to four weeks until Mexico begins shipping onions into Texas.

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Onions are available out of storage from Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, and Washington
  • White onion supplies are scarce industry-wide; demand is shifting to jumbo yellow stocks
  • Red onion markets continue to hold steady
  • Pacific Northwest quality remains solid; defects are minimal
  • Mexican-grown onions are expected to begin crossing into South Texas by early to mid-February; expect overall volume to be 30% to 40% lower due to water shortages
  • Texas domestic supplies are slated to start the first week of March; a normal crop is expected but demand will be stronger due to Mexican onion shortages

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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