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August 29, 2023

Blueberry volume continues to decrease causing rapidly rising markets. Blackberry and raspberry supplies are slowly increasing and will meet and/or exceed demand in September.


  • The main growing regions of the Pacific Northwest and Michigan are winding down for the season
  • Peruvian production has been delayed
    • El Nino conditions have caused warmer weather and poor fruit set
    • Volume will rise in late September/early October
  • The Mexican season is slow to ramp up
    • Smaller growing regions are just getting started
    • Adequate volume isn’t expected until October
  • Elevated markets and limited stocks are forecast through the month of September


  • Supply continues to exceed demand
  • Improved weather has encouraged rapid growth and higher yields in both Watsonville, California and Mexico
  • Quality is very good; red cell and bruising are minimal
  • Expect rising volume into September


  • Watsonville is shipping adequate volume but humidity has lowered harvesting estimates; expect deep red color with occasional over ripe berries
  • Mexican production will slowly increase into September; expect some soft tips and broken fruit
  • Ample supplies with relatively stable markets are forecast

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