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May 17, 2023

Raspberries supplies are tight; markets remain elevated.


  • Volume is falling in Central Mexico
  • Stocks are slowly increasing in Baja, Mexico and Oxnard, California; expect yields in both regions to reach peak season in early June
  • Pricing will increase as the Central Mexican season winds down


  • Central Mexico, the primary growing region, is winding down; stocks are tightening
  • Volume is climbing in Baja, Mexico; expect ample supplies in two weeks
  • The Florida season has ended
  • Georgia growers have begun limited production this week; supplies will increase as the season progresses
  • The California season will begin next week; expect low volume to start
  • Prices will remain steady


  • Yields are gradually declining in Central Mexico
  • Other Mexican growing regions are in peak production
  • North Carolina is expected to begin harvesting in two weeks
  • Supplies will slowly decrease through the month until the California season begins in late May

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