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December 27, 2022

Guatemalan cantaloupe and honeydew supplies are ample; prices are steady.


  • Honeydews are now being harvested out of both Mexico and Guatemala
  • Mexican supplies are snug while Guatemalan supplies are plentiful
  • The Mexican season is expected to finish up in January before moving offshore until the domestic season begins in early May
  • Quality is fair out of both regions; ground spotting, wind scarring, and bruising are occasional issues
  • Expect honeydew pricing to increase once transition is complete in mid-January


  • Guatemalan cantaloupes are now arriving in Florida and Southern California
  • Mexican supplies are being used to fill orders when necessary
  • Guatemalan cantaloupe quality is fair; bruising and overripe fruit are occasional issues due to long travel times
  • Expect the market to remain steady for the next several weeks

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