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March 31, 2022

Cantaloupe and honeydew prices are rising. Demand is strong; supplies are limited.

  • Offshore arrivals from Central America into the West Coast are light; Mexico is helping to meet demand
    • Limited supplies of Mexican honeydew are crossing into Nogales, Arizona primarily for West Coast markets
    • Mexican cantaloupes will not be available for one to two more weeks
    • Expect limited availability of cantaloupe and honeydew from the West Coast until the Mexican new crop season ramps up in 7-10 days
  • Offshore arrivals from Central America into the East Coast remain steady; demand is strong
    • Prices are higher; the crop is dominated by large sizes; small-size fruit is limited
    • Offshore stocks will remain on the market through late May
  • The Arizona/California domestic cantaloupe season will kick off in early May; honeydew production will start in mid-May
  • Expect elevated melon prices on both coasts for the next several weeks

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