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November 15, 2021

Lime supplies are tightening as we transition into the winter crop. Yields are expected to be lower due to quality concerns caused by rain and wind in the primary growing region of Veracruz, MX.

  • Markon First Crop and Markon Essentials Limes are available.
  • Lower yields are expected on winter crop supplies due to quality issues
  • Quality will be a concern for the next three weeks
  • Styler, skin breakdown, and lighter color fruit are being reported
  • Additional grading is required at pack out
  • The size profile will shift to smaller fruit as growers begin to harvest winter crop
  • Current sizing is dominate on 150- and 175- count
  • Current demand is rising and will increase leading up to Thanksgiving
  • Expected elevated markets through November

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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