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July 28, 2022

Imported Navel oranges have begun arriving into both coasts; volume will ramp up over the next three to four weeks. Small quantities of Mexican lemons will begin to ship out of South Texas by mid-August.

Imported Oranges

  • Chilean fruit is being shipped into the West Coast while South African supplies are available on the East Coast
    • 113-count and larger pack sizes dominate availability
    • Import palletization:
      • 80 cases per pallet
      • Box weight is 33 pounds
    • Domestic palletization:
      • 54 cases per pallet
      • Box weight is 40 pounds
    • Quality is very good: fancy grade fruit is most plentiful

Imported Lemons

  • Supplies are arriving from Argentina (East Coast), Chile (East and West), and Mexico (Texas)
    • Palletization:
      • 72 cases per pallet
      • Box weight is 40 pounds (comparable quantity to domestic cartons)
      • Quality is very good
  • Size is dominated by 140-count and larger fruit; smaller sizes (200- to 235-count lemons) are tight
  • Mexican lemons will begin to cross into South Texas in a very limited way by mid-August

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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