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October 18, 2022

Idaho potato shippers anticipate another challenging crop year due to lower yields. High-quality potatoes, a smaller size profile, and fewer supplies are expected this season as compared to last year’s.

  • Growers estimate 8 to 10% fewer acres were planted in Idaho this year due to water restrictions and high input costs
  • The North American Potato Market News predicts growers will produce roughly 402.1 million cwt of potatoes this season, about 7.73 million cwt less than 2021 (cwt is the abbreviation for hundredweight, which is roughly 100 pounds)
  • Most growers harvested two weeks later than normal due to a cold, wet spring, that also delayed the growing cycle at the start of plant development
  • The warm summer months contributed to excellent quality and a high pack-out of No. 1 quality potatoes
  • Expect 40- through 50- count potatoes to remain limited, while 90- through- 100 count will be more readily available throughout the season
  • Suppliers will be managing this year’s crop much more conservatively than years past to avoid a supply gap, between this crop and next year’s season (2023-24)
    • Fewer straight, full load shipments of one particular count size
    • Fewer running days (for example, Burbanks will only be ran twice a week)
  • Higher-than-average price levels are expected this season

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