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October 14, 2021

Hurricane Pamela made landfall early Wednesday morning approximately 40 miles north of the port city of Mazatlán, Mexico. The Category 1 winds (75mph) caused minor damage to infrastructure of the coastal region; however, heavy rain created substantial flooding to rivers and nearby communities. Pamela dissipated as it travelled northeast and is currently causing thunder showers in Texas.

  • Farmers in the Sinaloa area are still assessing potential damage; however, early reporting is better than previously expected
    • Many of the larger farms used for export are located 60-80 miles north of the impact zone in Culiacan
    • Vegetable and tomato plants are in the early growth stages and long-term effects should be minimal
    • Areas south of Culiacan, such La Cruz, are popular growing regions for tomatoes and will be impacted by the storm
  • The Sinaloa state had drought like conditions over the summer and the storm rain will benefit reservoir water levels
  • The Guanajuato growing region located further south and inland of the hurricane’s path experienced no major rain or weather event; however, transportation lanes from Guanajuato to Laredo, Texas have been impacted by the storm and have led to short-term delays

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