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August 31, 2023

Hurricane Idalia brought severe winds and heavy rainfall into North Florida, Georgia, and South/North Carolina over the last 24 hours. Early indications are that most growers avoided major damage but require more time for full assessments.

  • Quincy Florida, located in northern Florida, received heavy rain
    • The Quincy tomato crop was previously compromised due to abnormally warm temperatures and will now have to wade through heavy rain amounts received
    • Expect the October tomato supply to be tight with elevated markets
  • Most vegetable growers in Central Georgia and the Carolinas experienced heavy rain on Wednesday leaving fields saturated and muddy; expect harvesting to resume this weekend
    • Small, isolated pocket regions in Southeast Georgia that experienced the brunt of the storm, will see delays to their cucumber, squash, and pepper fall season
  • Florida green beans fall harvest is expected to be on schedule; planting will start next week
  • Logistical routes in affected areas are delayed and improvements are expected over the next few days
  • Expect higher markets for East Coast produce over the next two weeks

Markon will continue to monitor the long-term effects of Hurricane Idalia and update as more information becomes available.

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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