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September 6, 2022

Demand for green onions remains strong, far exceeding supply. Persistently high temperatures in Mexicali, Mexico, ranging from high 90s to mid-110s, continue to slow plant maturity, reduce yields, and limit harvestable hours.

  • Hot weather without nighttime cooling relief has led to warmer-than-normal ground temperatures, increasing thrip/pest pressure, and reducing yields
  • Sustained excessive heat has slowed onion growth, resulting in persistently lower yields
  • Harvestable hours have been reduced as harvesting crews are primarily running at night to avoid harmful daytime temperatures; harvesting crews are working five hours or less
  • Increased inspections at the Southern U.S. border due to elevated pest pressure have resulted in longer border crossing times, further reducing availability
  • Expect markets to remain elevated through mid-October at minimum, pending additional extreme conditions

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