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October 31, 2022

Green leaf, iceberg, and romaine supplies remain extremely limited; record-high market levels continue to rise. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1, in the Salinas Valley and will further limit availability. Suppliers of all three commodities have not been able to fulfill 100% of their weekly contract commitments or regular open-market business over the past five weeks.

  • Production in Salinas and Santa Maria, California will continue through early to mid-November; some growers in Salinas have finished for the season
    • Approximately 0.25” of rainfall is forecast for tomorrow in the Salinas Valley; Santa Maria is expected to receive less than 0.05”
    • Markon is working with suppliers to pack ahead as much as possible ahead of the rain event
  • Harvesting of all three commodities continues in Huron and Oxnard, California; 0.05” of rain fall is expected in Huron tomorrow; rain is not forecast in Oxnard
  • The majority of suppliers will harvest their first fields in the desert regions of Yuma, Arizona and Imperial Valley, California the week of November 7; some suppliers have started harvesting iceberg and romaine in Yuma, Arizona
  • Quality and weights will vary depending on growing region, field location, and timing of harvest, as growers stretch their production schedule for harvestable product
  • Expect lightweight commodity boxes and quality challenges in green leaf, iceberg, and romaine through mid-November, until transition to the Arizona/California desert is completed

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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