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January 16, 2023

Production in California’s citrus growing regions will remain a challenge to start this week with wet and muddy conditions. Drier weather is forecast over the next 10 days which will allow harvesting to ramp up. Expect increased supplies and easing markets over the next two weeks.


  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Navel Oranges are available
  • Heavy amounts of rain will increase overall size profile; expect higher volume of large sizes in upcoming weeks
  • Current quality is excellent; sugar levels are high and color is vibrant
  • Texas has limited availability of domestic, choice-grade Valencias; markets are nearly double the price of choice-grade California Navels
  • Florida has started shipping the Valencia crop
    • Mainly 100- and 125-count sizes are available
    • Markets are in the low to mid-$20 range


  • MFC Lemons are available  
  • Production continues in all three areas of California (San Joaquin Valley, Southern California, and the Arizona desert region)
  • Improving weather conditions will increase production
  • Markets remain steady with adequate supplies available
  • Quality remains excellent

Arizona Desert

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