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June 7, 2022

Chipping potato storage supplies continue to diminish. New crop harvesting has begun in California.

Storage crop

  • Due to the Northwest’s record heatwave this past summer, this year’s storage crop did not produce enough stocks to ship through the transition to new crop spring/summer potatoes
  • To extend storage supplies over the next few weeks, suppliers who still have potatoes on hand will be allocating or filling orders based on six-week averages
  • Suppliers are sorting through product that would normally be culled out in order to fulfill orders
  • Remaining stocks will exhibit multiple quality concerns:
    • Discoloration
    • Thin skins
    • Pressure and shoulder bruising
    • Mixed sizing

New crop

  • New crop, fresh-run potato harvesting is underway in California
    • Early yields are thin-skinned, resulting in mechanical damage in pack-outs
    • The mechanical damage can develop into decay or mold, particularly when the potatoes ride on cold trucks
    • Skin sets will improve over the next few weeks
  • Other growing regions such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas will start production over the next few weeks


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