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May 23, 2024

The domestic California/Arizona desert season is off to a slow start; the offshore season has come to an end. Markets are climbing.


  • The offshore season has ended
  • Mexican supplies are adequate
  • Florida suppliers are now shipping the Athena variety throughout the East Coast
  • The domestic Arizona/California desert season has begun in a limited manner; prices are up
    • Sizing is currently dominated by smaller, 12- and 15-count fruit
    • Expect size to shift to larger fruit in the next one to two weeks as optimal growing weather is forecast for the Yuma and Imperial Valley growing regions
  • A limited supply of Markon First Crop (MFC) Cantaloupes are being shipped from the Arizona-California desert regions
  • Expect elevated markets to persist for the next 7-10 days


  • The offshore season has ended; Mexican supplies continue to ship
  • The Arizona-California desert season began in a limited manner this week
  • Fluctuating springtime temperatures impacted maturity and pollination, leading to a slow start; supplies are limited
    • Sizing is dominated by smaller, eight-and nine-count fruit; five- and six-count sizes are very limited
    • Expect size to shift to larger, five- and six-count fruit in the next two weeks
  • MFC Honeydew will become available by the end of next week
  • Expect markets to rise over the next two weeks as the domestic season ramps up

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