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April 21, 2022

Cantaloupe and honeydew markets are elevated; supplies are extremely tight. Imports will continue to ship for the next three to four weeks.

  • Offshore arrivals from Central America into the West Coast are very limited; the season will end by mid-May
  • Offshore arrivals from Central America into the East Coast are also snug
    • The season will run through late May
    • Demand is strong
  • Mexican new crop cantaloupes and honeydews are crossing into Nogales, Arizona
    • Supplies are ramping up
    • Honeydew prices are beginning to ease
  • Florida Athena-variety cantaloupes are on the market; most are being sold locally due to limited shelf-life
  • Arizona/California desert supplies are expected to start shipping later than normal this year due to cool weather
    • Cantaloupes will hit the market the week of May 16
    • Honeydews will become available the week of May 23
  • Expect elevated prices and tight stocks on both coasts until domestic supplies ramp up in mid- to late May

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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