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November 8, 2022


  • Supplies from the Salinas and Santa Maria valleys are diminishing as the season comes to an end
  • Widespread pin rot continues to impact the appearance and shelf-life of crowns
  • Cooler weather, especially low nighttime temperatures, and rain in the forecast this week will slow head maturation and possibly increase the occurrence of mildew in finished packs
  • Expect elevated markets and limited supplies until the third week of November


  • Cauliflower markets continue to escalate as supplies are becoming increasingly limited
  • Supplies from the Salinas and Santa Maria valleys are extremely tight; the desert region has not come online yet, creating a potential for a gap for most suppliers
  • Quality is poor throughout the industry
  • In addition to pin rot, early breakdown, off color, brown spotting, and low temperatures this week will slow growth and reduce yields at the field level
  • Suppliers are cutting ahead of scheduled acreage to avoid quality defects
    • 12-count packs will be extremely limited
    • 16-count cases will dominate availability as growers are forced to harvest immature fields

Arizona and California Desert Growing Regions

  • Production is scheduled to begin by mid- to late November
  • The Salinas Valley season will conclude by the first week of December

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