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April 28, 2022

Green bell pepper markets have eased as demand begins to shift to new growing regions in California and Florida. Markon First Crop and Markon Essentials Green and Red Bell Peppers are available.

Green Bells

  • Mexican supplies are tighter as growers harvest from their last spring fields over the next month
    • Medium and small sizes are dominant
    • Quality ranges from average to good depending on the lot
  • Florida production is expected to slow down slightly with rain in this weekend’s forecast
  • California’s Imperial Valley supply is increasing, and extra large/jumbo sizes are prevalent
  • Expect markets to continue the downward trend over the next two weeks

Red Bells

  • The spring season is winding down in Western Mexico
    • Quality is hit or miss; some color and mechanical issues are being observed during the grading process
  • The Canadian greenhouse season is well underway with extra-large and large sizes being the most abundant
  • Florida produces a minimal amount of colored peppers
  • Expect markets to decrease slightly

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