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July 5, 2023

Avocado supplies remain limited as Mexico’s new crop harvest is underway. The California and Peruvian seasons continue to help fill the void from Mexico’s slow start.


  • Mexico is now harvesting the Loca crop
    • Flowering is being reported outside the normal spring season
    • This late summer flowering matures its fruit in early winter, when the normal crop is in short supply
  • Larger sizes (32- to 48-count supplies) remain limited; smaller sizes (60- to 84-count) dominate availability
  • Quality is good; checkerboarding (uneven ripening within a case) has been reported
  • The Loca crop fruit will have longer shelf-life than other avocado crops with bright green texture, regardless of the ripening stage
  • Expect pricing to slightly decline as production increases over the next two weeks


  • Supply will increase in both regions as Mexico’s Loca yields rise
  • Quality is good; checkerboarding (uneven ripening) has been reported
  • Expect to see stable pricing and an increase in supply

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