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June 26, 2023

Avocado supplies are extremely limited as Mexico’s production has diminished more rapidly than anticipated. The California and Peruvian seasons are underway, but volume is not sufficient to support U.S./Canadian avocado demand over the next three weeks. The commodity avocado industry is in a demand-far-exceeds-supply situation.


  • Production in the Michoacan growing region continues to decline; the season is ending
  • The incoming summer crop from Jalisco is not meeting maturity standards; dry conditions have delayed harvests until late June
  • Expect to make size and grade substitutions to help fill orders
  • Suppliers are currently not quoting lid pricing: orders will be priced day of at market price
  • Markets are escalating; extremely tight supplies are forecast for the next two to three weeks

Value Added

  • Volume is high in multiple growing regions; value-added suppliers use predominantly processor-grade Michoacan fruit
  • Ready-Set-Serve Avocado Chunks and Pulp are recommended as substitutes when commodity stocks are not available
  • Expect steady markets and ample supplies over the next two to three weeks

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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