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July 26, 2023

All Mexican avocado supplies are tight; smaller-sized fruit is being substituted for large-size shortages. California and Peruvian stocks are being shipped when needed due to the Mexican season’s slow start.


  • Large sizes (32- to 48-count supplies) remain extremely limited
  • Smaller sizes (60- to 70-count) are tightening, as they are filling the void of large size avocado shortages
  • Quality is good; checkerboarding (uneven ripening within a case) has been reported
  • New crop Mexican fruit will have a longer shelf-life than other avocado crops and bright green texture, regardless of the ripening stage
  • Expect elevated prices for large sizes and steady markets for smaller fruit


  • Supplies will diminish through the month of August, as the season starts it’s seasonal decline
  • The crop is currently dominated by 48- and 60-count No. 1 grade fruit
  • Quality is good; checkerboarding (uneven ripening) has been reported
  • Expect to see stable pricing

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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