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September 8, 2022

Asparagus markets remain elevated as growers transition production from Central Mexico to Northern Baja. Peruvian supplies (into Florida) are increasing.

Mexican Asparagus

  • Supplies are limited
    • Central Mexico’s season will wind down over the next two to three weeks
    • Harvesting is underway in Northern Baja
  • Excessive rainfall from Hurricane Kay is curtailing harvestable hours in Northern Baja; poor field conditions are restricting machine access
  • Continued heavy rainfall is expected to push production forward in the coming weeks
  • Spear production will increase in the near-term although a demand-exceeds-supply situation may occur in December as a result
  • Expect prices to remain elevated through September as the Northern Baja season continues to ramp up

Peruvian Asparagus

  • Peruvian asparagus (shipped into Florida) is supplementing the East Coast market
  • Volume is steadily increasing as Peruvian growers enter peak production (September through December)
  • Market pricing is slightly lower than Mexican-grown product; however, aging is a concern as the majority of imports are arriving by boat due to limited air freight
  • Expect prices to remain steady through September

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