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July 26, 2022

Asparagus markets have been on the rise the entire month of July, especially for larger sizes (extra-large and jumbo).

  • Industrywide volume has declined about 10% over the last 14 days, and is forecast to decline another 5% through the month of August to about 900,000 cases
  • Peruvian asparagus (shipped into Florida) is supplementing the market on the East Coast, but volume isn’t high enough to hold prices steady
  • Supplies are tightening as Central Mexico’s season winds down, transitioning to new crop production in the Northern Baja region
    • Production in Baja, Mexico will begin over the next 14-21 days, although periodic rain events may slow down maturation
    • The late summer Baja harvest is widely regarded as a premium crop from Mexico as far as quality goes
  • Expect prices to remain elevated through early August

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