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December 27, 2023

Supplies remain extremely scarce; prices will continue climbing this week but are close to reaching their peak. Packer label is being substituted to meet demand when necessary.


  • Limited quantities are being harvested in Southern Baja and Sonora; many growers stopped harvesting earlier this month
  • Small-diameter stalks dominate yields
    • Cooler weather and shorter days combined with elevated markets have hindered maturation and reduced incentives to pack larger sizes
    • Large and jumbo sizes are in strong demand; substituting standard packs is recommended to ensure orders are filled over the next two to three weeks
  • Expect supplies to increase and prices to ease a bit by the first week of January, but remain elevated until Caborca growers begin harvesting in late January
  • Markon is sourcing delivered options where available to help supplement short supplies in member DCs


  • Minimal volume is being imported to the U.S. (via Miami, Florida)
  • Many Peruvian growers are prioritizing the more lucrative European market
  • FOB costs remain comparable from both regions, though some freight savings are available for Eastern DCs
  • Expect high prices and extremely tight supplies into early February

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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