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December 12, 2023

Prices for all sizes have risen this week. Peruvian imports shipping into Miami, Florida are limited; pressure on Mexico supplies has increased as they undergo transition from the coast to Central/Northern Mexico.


  • Supplies are being harvested in Baja and Sonora
  • Sizing is dominated by small-diameter stalks as new fields are being harvested; cooler weather and shorter days have limited maturation
  • Large and jumbo sizes are tighter than previous weeks; quality is down
  • Feathery tips and inconsistent size are being reported; harvesters are having to sort through fields, causing poor yield and failure to meet specifications


  • The season is winding down in Southern Peru as temperatures climb
  • Most production is moving to fields in Northern Peru; overcast conditions in the region has delayed production
  • Newer fields are yielding smaller diameter stocks, increasing demand for larger sizes
  • Australian and European seasons have come to an end, further increasing global demand
  • FOB remains comparable from both regions; some freight savings are available for Eastern DC’s

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