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October 25, 2023

Markets are steady to slightly lower than last week. Peruvian imports are shipping into Miami, Florida, while West Coast product is focused in Baja, Mexico.


  • Mexico is North America’s primary growing region
  • Supplies are being harvested in Baja and Sonora
  • Although Tropical Storm Norma caused minimal damage to crops, harvesting was interrupted this weekend
  • Size profile is dominated by small-diameter stalks; large and standard sizes are tighter
  • Production will shift towards Central Mexico when the Sonora and Baja regions wrap up for the year


  • Volume is close to the annual average in Southern Peru despite El Nino weather that lowered yields through the summer months
    • Heat in the short and long-term forecast may increase seeding and spread defects over the next three to five weeks
    • The high likelihood of another El Nino pattern this winter is threatening to keep Peruvian volume low for next year as well
  • FOB pricing is comparable on both coasts

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