Ready-to-use, innovative, and economical, Ready-Set-Serve® is a full line of fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices that takes prep work out of the kitchen and allows chefs to focus on flavor and creativity. Reliable and delicious, each of these products satisfies our high specifications, such as:

  • Consistent plate presentation
  • Time and labor savings
  • Reduced waste/disposal costs
  • Backed by Markon's 5-Star Food Safety® program

Lightly Prepped Items

Within Markon’s innovative and economical Ready-Set-Serve line of fresh produce is a list of lightly prepped, ready-to-use items that eliminate tedious kitchen labor such as washing and trimming, so you can get down to the business of being creative.  

With products that range from trimmed Brussels sprouts to whole peeled onions to lettuce fillets, you can skip the drudge work and move straight to prepping and cooking. 

  • Broccoli Crowns
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Celery Stalks, Cleaned
  • Cilantro, Bunched, Ice-Free
  • Cilantro, Washed & Trimmed
  • Garlic, Peeled
  • Green Leaf Fillets
  • Green Leaf, Washed & Trimmed
  • Green Onions, Washed & Trimmed
  • Kale, Green, Washed & Trimmed
  • Kale, Flowering, Washed & Trimmed
  • Lettuce Jammers
  • Onions, Whole Peeled
  • Parsley, Bunched, Ice-Free
  • Parsley, Washed & Trimmed
  • Romaine Hearts, Washed & Trimmed
  • Romaine Fillets, Washed & Trimmed
  • Romaine, Washed & Trimmed
  • Spinach, Baby
  • Spinach, Baby, Organic
  • Spinach, Triple-Washed

All this—plus the confidence that comes with Markon's 5-Star Food Safety® Program.

Ready-Set-Serve products are gluten- and GMO-free.


Markon. Confidence in Every Case®.