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November 10, 2022

Please click here to view a Markon Live from the Fields video regarding the current supply and quality outlook for lettuce items in the Arizona/California desert growing region.

  • Many suppliers of lettuce and tender leaf crops are done in the Salinas Valley and have started production in the desert region
  • The crops are healthy and there is no presence of the types of soil disease and virus pressure that brought ended the Salinas season early
  • Suppliers are roughly 5-7 days ahead on most crops, which has kept case weights for commodity packs well below normal
  • Seeder/long core has been present in many fields and may continue to be present for another 7-10 days
  • The forecast throughout November calls for cool, windy conditions overall with below average temperatures
  • Expect light case weights for the next three to four weeks or longer given the cool forecast and suppliers being ahead of their harvest schedule

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for further information.

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