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Ready-Set-Serve Top Five Labor Savers_Styled Group Shot_1 (1)

The holiday season can be more hectic than normal. Make your back-of-house preparations faster, easier, and more cost effective with Ready-Set-Serve!

  • Romaine: 100% yield compared to 63% for commodity lettuce heads without the mess and waste.
  • Onions: One in three bags of commodity onions goes in the trash—we peel and trim so your staff can get to the task at hand. Save two hours in labor per case!
  • Broccoli: 50% more product and 30 minutes per case saved with pre-cut florets.
  • Brussels Sprouts: Skip tedious trimming while getting 25% more volume per case and consistent year-round pricing!


  • Romaine: RSS Romaine Hearts, RSS Romaine Fillets, RSS Romaine Ribbons, RSS Chopped Romaine, and RSS Washed & Trimmed Romaine.
  • Red and Yellow Onions: RSS cuts include Blooming, Diced, Fajita Cut, Rings, Slabs, Sliced, Strips, and Whole Peeled.
  • Broccoli: RSS Broccoli Florets, RSS Bite-Size Florets, RSS Broccoli Crowns, and RSS Broccoli & Cauliflower Combo.
  • Brussels Sprouts: RSS Whole Brussels Sprouts and RSS Brussels Sprout Halves.

Diners are increasingly hyper-focused on high-protein and plant-based foods. Alongside all of the new-fangled, lab-based, cell-cultured options out there is the humble bean. A staple food for millenia, beans are being re-examined as a healthy, versatile ingredient worthy of menu inclusion.

  • Retro and heirloom recipes—like Southern succotash, French cassoulet, and Cajun red beans and rice—fit the bill for those in search of authenticity.
  • Most world cuisines incorporate some type of bean in their classic dishes. Think feijoada in Brazil, black beans and rice with plantains in Puerto Rico, and garbanzo beans in Israel. Modern interpretations of these recipes are packed with produce and herbs.
  • The creamy texture of mung beans is proving an ideal substitute for those that are eliminating soy from their diets.