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Easter Brunch Showcase

Modern Crudite with Purple Ranch 3

Easter brings the flavors of spring to family and group celebrations, signifying a time of renewal. What better time to showcase fresh produce on holiday brunch menus.

  • Salty-sweet ham and herb-stuffed lamb are traditional proteins for this occasion. Pair side dishes such as roasted MFC Asparagus, mashed MFC Potatoes, and braised RSS Cabbage.
  • Eggs are symbolic ingredients. Use them in omelets, quiches, benedicts, and frittatas made with RSS Baby Spinach, MFC Grape Tomatoes, MFC Mushrooms, and MFC Trimmed Leeks.
  • Offer a social media-worthy sharable with a modern crudite plate piled with MFC Cucumbers, MFC Carrots, and charred shishito peppers; wow them with purple ranch dressing (made with butterfly pea tea).

Diners are increasingly hyper-focused on high-protein and plant-based foods. Alongside all of the new-fangled, lab-based, cell-cultured options out there is the humble bean. A staple food for millenia, beans are being re-examined as a healthy, versatile ingredient worthy of menu inclusion.

  • Retro and heirloom recipes—like Southern succotash, French cassoulet, and Cajun red beans and rice—fit the bill for those in search of authenticity.
  • Most world cuisines incorporate some type of bean in their classic dishes. Think feijoada in Brazil, black beans and rice with plantains in Puerto Rico, and garbanzo beans in Israel. Modern interpretations of these recipes are packed with produce and herbs.
  • The creamy texture of mung beans is proving an ideal substitute for those that are eliminating soy from their diets.