RECIPE VIDEO UPDATE: Markon's New RSS Heart-Y Slaw

View an application video about our newest product, RSS Heart-Y Slaw (92201). Markon member chef Chris Casson showcases RSS Heart-Y Slaw in a unique dish of his own creation. This terrine starts with a layer of RSS Heart-Y Slaw, bound together with goat cheese vinaigrette, followed by a layer of crispy prosciutto, another layer of slaw, and a pickled red radish topping.

This versatile slaw was created by our member chefs during the 2018 Markon Chef Summit research and development session. Our top foodservice experts created with these flavors to meet customers’ demand for healthy, delicious foods. RSS Heart-Y Slaw can only be purchased through one of our member distributors.

  • This blend contains cruciferous super foods and colorful root vegetables for today’s health-seeking customers
    • Julienned broccoli and radishes
    • Cauliflower pearls
    • Shredded cabbage, carrots, and kale
  • Not just a salad or slaw mix; it can be used in multiple applications
    • Entrée salads
    • Sautéed side dishes
    • Taco/sandwich/burger/hot dog toppers
    • Fried garnishes

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October 23, 2018