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Reinhart Foodservice’s Initiatives

Reinhart Foodservice’s Initiatives

Reinhart Foodservice® (RFS) is committed to sound environmental stewardship. This is truly a matter of safeguarding the company’s lifeblood – the communities and natural cycles which sustain its employees, customers, and operations. RFS owes it to its customers, partners, and the company as a whole to use natural resources wisely.

RFS is making a concerted effort to take an environmentally sound direction in every significant aspect of its business. Each sustainable action that the company takes helps it to deliver the value and quality customers expect from RFS.

RFS aims to work smarter than its competitors do today and smarter than the company as a whole did yesterday.


The Engines That Can

  • Working to make every component of its trucks more earth-friendly, from transport temperature control to energy efficiency to reduced emissions.

  • New tractors are equipped with diesel engines that are clean-idle certified and employ newly developed exhaust particulate filters. The result? Improved fuel economy, fewer oil changes, and lower emissions.

  • New trailer refrigeration units with hybrid technology that reduce emissions and fuel consumption through enhanced idle reduction and smart cycle controls.

  • Precious energy is only used in actual transport: Drivers shut down at all stops and loading shifts are coordinated to reduce overall engine run times.

  • Doing little things that equal big savings, such as keeping tires at optimal air pressure.

RFS will continue to search for new technology that will make its green truck initiatives go even further.

Enlightening Ideas

While the hospitality industry represents 10 percent of the economy, it is the number one consumer of electricity worldwide. RFS is doing its part to reduce this footprint by switching to energy-efficient fluorescent lamps. This change alone can reduce energy use by up to 30 percent. The company’s goal is to complete a majority of these retrofits and other energy-saving measures within the next several years.

Smart Energy

When RFS reduces its operational impact – both consumption and emissions – it helps to control the overall cost of doing business. This enhanced control allows the company to provide continued value to its customers. RFS is constantly evaluating the efficiency of every system, including the way products arrive in its warehouses and the way they are stored. RFS has been able to drastically reduce its energy use through smart warehouse designs, engineering standards, and efficient routing.


Recycling has proven to be a win-win – not only does it reduce the use of energy and raw materials, but it also reduces the amount of waste that the company pays to haul to landfills. RFS has seen the powerful benefits of recycling everything from oil and fluids to paper, and it is excited about the results.

In a single year, RFS recycles 1.2 million pounds of shrink wrap, 300,000 pounds of cardboard, and 300,000 pounds of plastic slip-sheets. This recycling program has resulted in a significant reduction in the company’s overall carbon footprint. RFS expects to improve and expand its recycling efforts in the coming years.

Green Disposables and Cleaners

For customers who want to explore green product alternatives, RFS offers renewable, sustainable service ware that cycles back into the earth in as little as 50 days.

Greenware™ by Fabri-Kal

Crystal clear cups and lids are "grown" from corn into NatureWorks® Poly Lactic Acid resin. The Greenware products decompose within 50 days.

Genpak Harvest Collection

The Genpak Harvest Collection begins its life in the form of an annually renewable resource – such as corn, wheat, or rice – before it's converted into sanitary, single-use service ware. The benefits continue long after the meal: once disposed of in a commercially run composting facility, these products turn into useful, rich compost within 60 to 180 days.

Surety™ Green Seal Certified Cleaners

Reduced environmental impact also means fewer risks to workers and customers. The earth-friendly cleaners RFS offers are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-corrosive, so they're safe enough to use throughout the day.

RFS offers the following Surety Green Seal Certified Cleaners to address the most common sanitation needs: All Purpose Neutral, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tub & Tile, and Glass & Surface Cleaners. Customers won't miss the harsh odors, phosphorous, heavy metals, and phenol, and will notice the top performance and Green Seal Certification.

RFS makes it easy to clean with products that are friendly to the environment and the people who use them.

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