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Seared Beef with Rainbow Chard

The smoky, bitter flavors of rainbow chard are balanced by the creamy beans and herbal chimichurri—the meat adds umami and protein for this modern, complete entree.


1/4 C olive oil

4 6-oz. filet mignons

16 pieces rainbow chard, stems and leaves

2 C heirloom beans, cooked and tossed in Italian seasoning

1/2 C chimichurri sauce

2 tsp kosher salt, to be split between all components

1/2 tsp. black pepper, to be split between all components

Edible petals and micro greens for garnish


Heat one tablespoon oil in cast iron skillet. Season beef with salt and pepper; add to skillet and cook to medium rare. Remove and rest meat.

Add remaining oil to the skillet and drop in chard, using remaining salt and pepper to season. Toss until all sides have been charred.

Cut each filet in half and arrange on rectangular serving dish. Top with four pieces of chard (each) and 1/2 cup beans in an elegant presentation. Garnish with chimichurri, petals, and micro greens.