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Deep Fried Spinach

Crisp and light, this deep-fried spinach makes a unique side dish or colorful garnish for fish or chicken.


4 cups peanut oil (for frying)

10 oz. Ready-Set-Serve Triple-Washed Spinach

3 tsp. unsalted butter

1 clove Ready-Set-Serve Peeled Garlic, sliced

Salt and pepper, to taste


Heat oil to 375 degrees F in a deep fryer.

In a skillet, melt the butter. Add garlic slices and brown, then remove from butter and set aside.

Place a large handful of fresh spinach in a fryer basket, and submerge to cook for thirty seconds. Drain spinach on paper towels and repeat with remaining spinach. Pour garlic butter over top and add a little kosher salt and coarse black pepper to taste.