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Cucumber-Watermelon Radish Salad

Peppery, colorful radish rounds and cooling cucumbers make this a “sense”-ational salad.


1/4 C extra virgin olive oil

1/4 C white wine vinegar

1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard

1 tsp. kosher salt

1/8 tsp. black pepper

2 tsp. honey

1 large watermelon radish, sliced into rounds

1 Markon First Crop Hot-House Cucumber, sliced into rounds

2 C microgreens

Edible flowers, for garnish


Combine vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper, and honey. Whisk oil into mixture in a continuous stream until fully emulsified.

Toss microgreens in just enough vinaigrette to coat; reserve remaining dressing. Arrange radish and cucumber slices in circular patterns on plates. Drizzle a swirl of dressing on radish swirls, then top with microgreens. Garnish with edible flowers and serve.