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April 09, 2021

Round and Roma tomato inventories are strong due to good weather in all growing regions. Grape tomatoes have rebounded; supplies are abundant. Cherry tomato quality is better in Florida than in Mexico.


  • Prices are low
  • Florida growers are building volume over the next three to four weeks; crops are producing bountiful yields due to good weather
  • Mexican volume should remain strong well into May; new crop spring acreage will start next week
  • Quality is excellent


  • The market is weak
  • Florida stocks are ample and will remain consistent over next couple of weeks
  • Mexico volume has increased as new fields have been added in the north; the Baja region is projected to start in one to two weeks
  • Quality is very good


  • Prices are low; supply exceeds demand
  • Florida stocks have rebounded; new growing areas are being harvested
  • Mexican volume is on the rise
  • Quality is good


  • Florida yields are high; quality is excellent
  • Mexican volume is low; quality is fair

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